Types of dating relationships dating at 21

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Types of dating relationships

Warning signs –take note if your partner shares characteristics with your dysfunctional parent, if you feel young and childlike in the relationship, if your feelings are out of control, or your partner treats you like their parent, acting out by being rebellious, defiant and immature.

Physical and emotional intimacy separates friends from lovers.

Codependency can look a lot like love as it’s a mental obsession with someone else – virtually all love songs talk of this kind of sentiment: ‘I can’t get you off my mind’ or ‘I can’t live if living is without you.’ Being completely absorbed with another person becomes toxic when it starts to cause painful emotional turmoil and stops you from living your own life.

Warning signs – look out for people whose moods are dictated by yours, seek to control your mood and behaviour, and have little or no life of their own outside of your relationship.

People are often drawn to partners who are strikingly similar in looks, manner and characteristics as their parent of the opposite sex.You might not spot the signs on your first few dates and it’s often not until a conflict arises that the bully reveals themselves.It might be a sharp comment, a put down or a temper tantrum that leaves you feeling guilty and confused about what you did wrong.She says in those situations it was all outlined before the first date and felt "contractual".She feels there's a pretty dominant hookup culture on apps.

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If you relationship falls into any one of these categories it doesn’t mean that it’s doomed to failure. Talk to your partner, get professional help if needed, and remember that most relationships have a level of dysfunction within them, it’s what you do with it that counts.

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