Sex chat client

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Sex chat client

DBabble provides discussion groups that can be created by any user who has permission to do so.

These are similar to usenet (NNTP) groups, and the groups can optionally be linked to pull articles from external usenet groups.

Users can send instant messages to either individual users or to groups of users and optionally attach files to the message.

The DBabble administrator or individual users can optionally disable the email to instant message feature if they are concerned about instant message spam, or if you want to isolate your server from the outside world.DBabble can also act as an NNTP server, so that news-readers can read DBabble discussions as though they are newsgroups.Additionally, DBabble can act as an SMTP server for the purpose of accepting incoming mail intended as articles for it's discussion groups.With DBabble's internal authentication system, it can be set up to allow users to create their own accounts (and optionally email passwords to them), or this can be restricted to allow only administrator users to create accounts.DBabble supports SSL server to client encrypted communication using both the web interface and Windows client.

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Chat rooms can optionally be made encrypted, which means that anything said is automatically encrypted by the DBabble client so that only people listed in the 'Users Present' list can read the message.