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Latoya luckett dating

(Luckett is the only one of Destiny's Child's five recording members other than Beyoncé to log a million-seller.)Her follow-up, Lady Love, paired Luckett with talents like Tank and Ne-Yo, singer/songwriter/producers who appreciate nuance and emotion, and Luckett's voice shone in the new settings."There's very few singers out there who really want to stand onstage and sing with Toya," Tank tells Rolling Stone. She gets on that stage, she will full-out burn, and if you're not vocally ready for that type of onslaught, you can get mauled.Walker’s brothers, Tamarcus Joe Walker and Treoun Walker, were the best men, while Luckett had two matrons of honor, one of which was Eudoxie Bridges, the wife of Ludacris. Le Toya Tommicus, the women of ESSENCE wish you two a lifetime of wedded bliss. #shedidthat (📷: @sterlingbrides ) space: nowrap;”about their relationship the day after their engagement, revealing that she had been praying to meet the man she would marry when she ran into designer Nikki Chu at a friend’s wedding. Other guests included Ludacris himself, Tank and Michelle Williams, as well as her former Destiny’s Child co-member Latavia Roberson. Chu set the two of them up on a blind date, and the rest, as they say, is history. "On my last couple records, I think I would have been afraid to share that much.

"We're all in support of each other, we're all grown, all doing our own things. She's awesome."The pop world is littered with the failed careers of group members who were unable to cut it as soloists, but Luckett stuck her landing, reemerging on her own in 2006 with a Top 40 hit, the should-I-stay-or-should-I-go ballad "Torn," and a platinum-certified debut album.

When you're no longer a part of that, you have to find your voice. She's purposeful." Her purpose on Back 2 Life? "I was terrified about putting out ' Weekend,'" she admits.

To reach the hallowed ground of Nineties R&B ballads like Boyz II Men's "Water Runs Dry" and Jodeci's "Cry for You" – high-stakes tracks where singers plunge into their own pain and uncertainty. "I'm being the aggressor in the relationship [in that song] – I'm never the aggressor in the relationship!

Luckett's burgeoning acting career temporarily dampened her musical productivity, but it also helped her become increasingly confident about her choices when she returned to the studio.

"I've become more comfortable with opening up," she says.

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"She was a young girl who had experience being in a supergroup," Thomas says.