Developing and validating measures of temperament in livestock sex dating in archdale north carolina

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Developing and validating measures of temperament in livestock

A woman whose dog stalked her through the house and held her hostage in the upstairs bedroom at midnight while I and a colleague drove up outside to capture the dog and save her.One of my clients stitched up a long, serious bite wound in fear that getting medical care would force her to consider not keeping her dog.3. Aggression is often context specific, and if it is triggered by predictable, and manageable stimuli, then the dog might indeed be able to be re-homed.And yet, sometimes, that is an option that dog owners have to consider.These were some of the hardest cases I worked with when I was seeing clients full time. ”, no doubt envisioning me spending my days running through fields of daisies with Golden Retriever puppies.Usually conversations about serious behavioral problems include three primary options for dealing with all serious behavioral problems: 1) Keep the dog and work with a trainer or behaviorist to mitigate or manage the problem, 2) re-home the dog if it can be done safely and responsibly, and 3) euthanize the dog.Needless to say, option three should only be considered if options one and two are not viable. Here are criteria that I suggest everyone consider:1.

If there is anything harder than euthanizing a beloved dog for serious behavioral problems, I don’t know what it is.Are you willing to lose your home owner’s insurance? If the bite was to you, can you spend a year healing your hand from a bad bite that keeps you from writing, or playing the violin as a musician?In addition, and essentially, everyone has a different tolerance for risk.Risk Assessment: No one begins a conversation about whether their dog should be put down for aggressive behavior if there haven’t been several incidents (or one horrifically serious one).And every dog owner has to know that if “it,” the aggression, happened once, it might happen again. I was once called by a public health employee about a case in which a dog had damaged someone’s face so badly it required 400 stitches to repair.

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I would drive home, sick at heart, and wonder why the hell I hadn’t found an easier way to make a living. As hard as it is to talk to clients about whether to put down an aggressive dog, it is nothing compared to what the owners are going through.

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