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Chat sex filipinaonline

I (the client) met Jelly Mae Sumagang in an internet chat room.

A serious relationship soon developed, as she used the concept of love to pull me in.

The Consulate in Cebu tripped us up, as they required a copy of her Daughter's birth certificate.

I won't mention all the dollar amounts but in total, counting the 10 days I was there, I spent over 00 on her. I started thinking with my heart instead of with my head.

I'm not a rich man at all, most of this money is on credit that i now get to pay back. I made plans to come and see her and i did in October for 10 days.

She had a key to the door so maybe she did live there, but it was very barren not much at all in the room. I wonder if each kid gets to be the only child when she scams another guy. Because she was sick and in the hospital she fell behind on rent, 2500php for the room.

I bought She had told me she had not had sex in 10 years. needs English lessons @ 4000php a month (full time wage for part time teaching).

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Don't ask for money but they say how it would be nice if they could only visit their family for Christmas, or need some medicine, etc.

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